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What gives me the right to write about bus drivers and their experiences?

Along with having been a Financial Advisor (that’s a laugh!), a computer programmer, a reasonable cook, a property enthusiast, a self-develoment freak and many other things, I also happen to be a PCV License Holder in the UK.  This was obtained after a period of training with a private bus company in London.  They trained me because I had applied to them for a job as a bus driver.  Seemed like a good idea at the time!  Hours are flexible, which means you can still do other things you like to do in life and be off at home during the weekdays enjoying your weekend (sometimes)!  This was the theory anyway!  I needed a ‘job’ to fund my property expenses when funds were drying out and the freelance IT work stopped bringing in sufficient funds to pay for all the expenses at the houses.  Plus, I have always enjoyed driving, so I thought this would be a job doing something I enjoy anyway (so naive!).

I wrote all this just to let you know why I decided to write about buses and the driver experiences, not because I am some sort of a bus geek/anorak (no disrespect to those people who have such interest in buses, just thought that it looks good in a written article!).

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