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‘Team India’ – what a joke!

They lost three wickets in their chase of an imminent victory at Trent Bridge on the 31st July 2007.  The top batsmen in the world (that is how they are rated) struggled for what seemed like hours to make a mere 63 runs on Day 5 of this match.  The young ‘inexperienced’ English bowlers deserve all the credit for keeping these ’stars’ under check.  Isn’t it time that the Cricket Authorities in India realise that the players brought in to represent the country need to have some ‘fire’ in them and the killer instinct to go out and achieve, rather than wait for things to be handed over to them!  Sreesnath, Dhoni & Yuvraj Singh are the only ones who get close to that team, we really need! Although India won the game, they were so uninspiring and pitiful to watch.  Feel very sorry for the England players; bad luck in both the test games in this series so far.

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