Is everything cyclical? or Is It Karma?

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Feb 2004

Title: Is everything cyclical?
Do the insurance companies harbour criminals?
Or Do the anti-virus companies create computer viruses?
And probably many others.

This could be very controversial….

I work in an institution where we provide training facilities to clients of
varying age groups. The youngest of these could be 14. A
significant group of these young kids come from some unstable
backgrounds. Does this give them the right to be a menace to the

If I catch one of these kids causing damage to the expensive equipment in our
workplace, I am unable to do anything. I cannot hold the kid’s neck and
drag them out of the facility after I have politely asked them to show me their
identity card and they have refused. It is very likely that the kid will
also be giving me some verbal abuse and challenging me to do something to
him. We live in a society where if I thrash this kid’s head into the wall
(to knock some sense into it), it is very likely that I’ll end up facing the
courts. The kid – he would have probably been let off by now so that he
can continue with his antics until one day when he kills someone.

We cannot do the above, but it is perfectly acceptable to put in repeated
claims to the insurance company for damaged equipment and then probably see our
insurance premiums increase again the following year. Does the above
suggest something wrong with the society? The most cynical might even
think that at some stage in our social development, the insurance companies
encouraged anti-social elements to go out and damage others’ property to force
people to take out expensive insurance policies, just the same way as some of
us now think that some anti-virus software companies have secret ‘departments’
which create such viruses and let them lose in the first place. Or am I
walking up an entirely crooked path?

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