I am feeling sick, Manchester!

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Having read many posts, threads and news articles and reports discussing the heinous act in Manchester which has affected scores of families across the nation and abroad I have been exposed to so many different viewpoints around this situation, some very positive and others not so, I guess like most of us have been too. I have a teenage daughter and a younger child and it pains me enormously to think what those parents and children must be going through who experienced the horrific incident on Monday night.

What is bothering me very much is that I am finding an idea taking hold in my psyche and it is a very disturbing one. We have all heard of ‘conspiracy theories’ citing the possibility of false flags in many recent ‘terrorist attacks’ around the world. None of these have caught my attention as this one has. There are ideas being floated around that the ‘elite’ were losing their grip on the election battle for the 8th June 2017. A so called ‘loony socialist communist’ was gaining ground and rumoured to be surging ahead of the ‘defender of the rich’ and ‘only hope for all humanity’ and in some circles it was being exaggerated as if the ‘world would come to an end’ if that were allowed to happen. We have been told in the recent modern history that it is justifiable to go and turn to rubble a flourishing foreign country where the despot ruler is killing his/her own people. ‘We’ have every right to defend the rights of those ‘poor souls’ who have nobody else standing up for them. In the process of doing so, any innocent lives (children, news reporters, first aiders and medics included) lost are described as unfortunate collateral damage and the ‘news’ done away with. Move on to Next target!

How sad a point in its evolution has our human race got to. Human lives are being sacrificed in the name of deposing a ‘tyrant’ ruler. Is this acceptable? What we are being told by the powers to be and the media – is it even true? Do the politicians have someone else pulling their strings? Who is ultimately benefiting from all this? I have always believed that it is greed for extreme wealth and power that is behind all the wars in the world; there is never an altruistic reason to ‘help’ people which justifies any war EVER.

What if those concepts of ‘killing’ your own countrymen to gain an upper hand in your war of words against the opposition seem so attractive to the ‘hidden elite’ in our ‘advanced western world’ that they have started adopting them as a justifiable means to ‘win at any cost’. If human life in a foreign land can be sacrificed and a justifiable story be created around it to fool the masses, why not do it in our own lands. Media can be easily bought and fed elaborately created stories with villains and heroes, while drawing attention away from the real reasons behind this charade. I shudder at the thought of innocent little children being sacrificed and immense pain being inflicted on hundreds of families for the rest of their existence, purely to hang onto power by the few. Please tell me that this is an extremely irrational thought in my head.

It is an extremely dark, sickening, painful, repulsive, abominable, loathsome, nauseating thought and I can’t seem to shake it off.

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