I am feeling sick, Manchester!

Having read many posts, threads and news articles and reports discussing the heinous act in Manchester which has affected scores of families across the nation and abroad I have been exposed to so many different viewpoints around this situation, some very positive and others not so, I guess like most of us have been too. […]

Financial Crisis – the aftermath!

(This article has been in my head for several months and further thoughts have appeared since the London Riots, which will need to appear in a separate article now!) 2007/2008 saw the collapse of some of the biggest names in the financial industry; banks that had been in existence for over a 100 years.  There […]

Photo finish? Nothing like it!

I was proven right again.  It is so bizarre that I have not got around to writing another blog until another big cricketing day today. The day started off as the series deciding, all-gripping ODI between India & England.  India already having (just) won the Test series, this was being dubbed as what would be […]

The Indian Cricket Team!

‘Team India’ – what a joke! They lost three wickets in their chase of an imminent victory at Trent Bridge on the 31st July 2007.  The top batsmen in the world (that is how they are rated) struggled for what seemed like hours to make a mere 63 runs on Day 5 of this match.  […]