How does ‘capitalism’ affect bus drivers?

Capitalism to an economist means a mechanism of wealth creation and distribution, whereas a layman’s interpretation of the word is how the workers in this world get ‘screwed’ by the rich employers – strange, eh? Or is it just a strange case of Homographs? The London Bus drivers are an unusual breed. The workers in […]

The London Bus Drivers’ Strike

I have been following various blogs and news websites where the public have left comments in the most talked about strike by the workers of a London public service. It is sad to see that many see this only as ‘bus drivers being greedy’.  Many comments seem to follow the thinking that the drivers are […]

Customer Service – Be Polite or Give Abuse?

This is only a bit of fiction on my part, but I guess that the current level of Customer Services grew out of the old ‘Code Of Practice’ and ‘Customer Charter’, which were introduced in public service organisations like the Police where the abuse of power by a small minority (possibly institutionalised!) led to public […]

Why don’t the bus drivers smile?

I have come across reader’s letters and editorials in many magazines and tabloids asking this question. Oh yes, they do! When they are new to the job! Like most humans, drivers want to please their customers and peers, when they start a new job, but it soon wears off.  After the driver has been threatened […]