BREXIT – what happens when the ‘powerful’ don’t get their way!

I have been utterly dismayed by the negativity in the press and every other media channel and social media forums, and by the marches and petitions since the morning of the 24th June 2016.  This is Propaganda at its worst and the destabilising forces at work, which had been ready to go into full throttle […]

How does ‘capitalism’ affect bus drivers?

Capitalism to an economist means a mechanism of wealth creation and distribution, whereas a layman’s interpretation of the word is how the workers in this world get ‘screwed’ by the rich employers – strange, eh? Or is it just a strange case of Homographs? The London Bus drivers are an unusual breed. The workers in […]

I love my India! or India: The motherland, disappointing…

July 2007 I have just returned (26th July 2006) after travelling in India for two weeks. I spent my time in Delhi, Saharanpur (UP) and Jalandhar (Punjab). Although having enjoyed my stay with family and relatives, I have come back with a feeling of general disappointment with the country I was born and brought up […]

Clíches & Hypocrisy – in Cinema!

Feb 2005 I asked a panel, which included the organiser of a popular film festival in Bradford, the question about how the mass Bollywood films were impacting the society in general. The standard response – ‘…that is such a cliché question and I strongly disagree that cinema has any impact on the society; it merely […]