BREXIT – what happens when the ‘powerful’ don’t get their way!

Brexit - the after effects.
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I have been utterly dismayed by the negativity in the press and every other media channel and social media forums, and by the marches and petitions since the morning of the 24th June 2016.  This is Propaganda at its worst and the destabilising forces at work, which had been ready to go into full throttle should the need arise and ‘if the nation woke up’!!  I have stayed away from responding to any social media posts because there is so much hatred and vile intentions underneath a lot of these posts and articles.

In the good old days, you may have heard theories about the CIA sabotaging and undermining the governments in the Far East, the old Soviet Union and the Middle East for their selfish reasons.  Something similar is now happening in the UK – a modern western democracy, because the public spoke against the power of the big corporates.  The corporates are stronger than the governments in this day and age and have taken over the role of the governments of the 60s to the 80s.  They flood the market with negative comments and hate filled stories and ‘opinions disguised as facts’ for a few days and then strike with a move which nobody reacts to as they have all been conditioned to accept that action as being reasonable and ‘the norm’ after the protracted media campaign to desensitise this situation.  I fear something big and nasty is about to happen!  This is how propaganda works, isn’t it?

We talk about Democracy and Magna Carta and Civilised Society, until it suits our purposes and soon as someone with a differing opinion seems to take lead, all these principles are thrown out of the window and we start making calls to annul the vote and reject the other side’s win.  How shallow is our belief system?

In the recent EU debate, I have always been a ‘LEAVER’.  There was never a doubt in my mind that EU, as an organisation, has to go.  As Darren Hannan, MEP rightly said – “You don’t have to love the FIFA, just because you love football”!  I always thought that the EU was the short-cut route for the big multi-national conglomerates to get the political and trading machinery of this continent to work in their favour.  It was a lot easier to keep the EU going so that they can achieve full control without having to go through the parliaments of 28 different nations to get their agendas through.  EU, with its unelected commissioners and president were responsible for passing laws for lands as diverse as Estonia and Germany.  The asset grabbing and control of the individual economies was happening right before our eyes with no end in sight.  A democratically elected government could be forced to resign as had been seen in Greece and similar signs in many other countries. When Cameron made efforts to get a good deal for the UK and his efforts were mocked and rejected despite the impending vote in the UK by the powers in the EU, it was obvious that ‘they’ had thought they could fool the UK population into ‘staying’ as they had the machinery to manipulate the agenda in their favour.  They were too sure, but the result went the other way, as nobody expected – not even the creator of this referendum – Mr N Farage ( a lying twat!)!!  The Brexiters were caught with their pants down, as it has now turned out.  They did not expect to win and hence, had made no plans of what to do in that scenario.  During the campaign days, even they had realised that the powerful machinery behind the ‘Remain’ camp was too strong.  Despite their rhetoric and passionate speeches, they were themselves, not ready for the result, because of the conditioning effect of the propaganda.  They had resigned to having played a ‘game for the elite’ after spending millions of pounds of tax payer’s money just to satisfy their egos. But something had been mobilised or the negative forces had taken over the campaign and other groups jumped onto the band-wagon to further their own agendas and promote the ‘Leave’ campaign.  The genuine reasons for leaving the EU were forgotten and more populist agendas were being promoted as the main reasons for the EXIT.

The result has, unfortunately, brought out the worst of both sides or I should say – the more vocal elements are the negative influencers on both sides.  The REMAIN camp was mainly funded by the big banks and major corporates who wanted the EU machinery to stay as it works in their favour to keep it in place.  They are more sophisticated in how they work and can mobilise people in large numbers to work for them.  Marches in London were organised to get people to reject the vote and separate London from England for EU purposes, any genuine arguments by the LEAVERS are being portrayed in a negative light by telling half-truths, the fear of splitting of the UK and Irish issues are all being propagated as the reasons why this vote should be annulled.  This is ‘fear-mongering Stage 2’.  The markets are a making of these same people and they control the movements and use that to influence the public as part of their propaganda to express how poor this decision was. The markets and currencies will settle down once the dark powers have settled on a leader to take this country forward.  I hope the ‘white knights’ win! Nobody seems to have the brains, the power and desire to portray the endless opportunities this (BREXIT) situation has to offer us.  At the same time, the negative elements in the LEAVE groups seem to have taken the upper hand.  The racism against long established residents and citizens of this country has been displayed in the vilest manner.  The thin veneer of civility and multi-culturism and unity has been washed away for many and the strong underlying hatred for all ‘non-English’ people has come to fore.  I have heard of violent incidents against Polish and French nationals and a member of my own family has been subjected to racist slur and abuse in the middle of London!!!  I assume that these are the type of people who had the mind-set of the Bristall killer of a noble MP, who was just doing her job.  What happened to the laws against hate speech?  Why are the police not out in big force on the streets to curb such activities or is it that the governments feels that to be necessary only when some ‘Muslim’ terrorists are out on the street?  These English terrorists are NOT isolated examples of rogue mad men.  They have an agenda to fulfil, which has to be stopped.

I always said that if the BREXIT happens, the UK will need a strong and united opposition to keep the Tories in check and ensure that the democracy and transparency we have fought this referendum for is not lost in our own country.  I would have extended this to get things in motion to dissolve the unelected House of Lords. Instead, we seem to have created a vacuum with no leadership on either side of the political spectrum.  Too much in-fighting and power struggle to be a leader is going on.  Despite all the shenanigans, Corbyn is the only sane force I believe who can take this nation forward in a calm and sensible way.  He has the mind of someone who can get on the right side of business, political and social thinking and get a good balance.  I disagree with all those who claim he does not have the necessary leadership qualities.

There is too much going on behind closed doors in the corridors of power, I think and I await the developments over the coming weeks and months with bated breath.


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