How does ‘capitalism’ affect bus drivers?

Capitalism to an economist means a mechanism of wealth creation and distribution, whereas a layman’s interpretation of the word is how the workers in this world get ‘screwed’ by the rich employers – strange, eh? Or is it just a strange case of Homographs? The London Bus drivers are an unusual breed. The workers in […]

The great Labour/Conservative chasm (General Election 2015)

This has been a very actively contested and fought election, partly brought on by the many more media channels being used to disperse the information from all the major parties. People have widely discussed the issues and expressed opinions in many different forums on the omnipresent internet through the variety of gadgets and devices at […]

Does the whole world hate all Muslims?

The answer to the above nonsensical question is – obviously no!   The next question is why did this question even come to anybody’s mind? That anybody could be a Muslim or a non-Muslim. Any moderate, law abiding Muslim must have asked themselves this question many a times after seeing the negativity in the press […]

Lok Sabha Elections in India – 2014

Why do Indians love pain? The recent elections in India have made me think about how the ‘democracies’ of the world operate and why is it that we (in India) are so afraid of change! In my opinion, India has just lost an excellent opportunity to change history and re-write the future developments in India. […]