Lesson for Theresa May – A bird in hand…

Trying to make sense of it all. The media says that Labour will increase taxes and their sums don’t add up in the manifesto. Conservatives are the country’s only hope as they are the one’s with a charismatic leader who can ‘see us all through’. The BBC and Sky have never offered the current Labour […]

I am feeling sick, Manchester!

Having read many posts, threads and news articles and reports discussing the heinous act in Manchester which has affected scores of families across the nation and abroad I have been exposed to so many different viewpoints around this situation, some very positive and others not so, I guess like most of us have been too. […]

BREXIT – what happens when the ‘powerful’ don’t get their way!

I have been utterly dismayed by the negativity in the press and every other media channel and social media forums, and by the marches and petitions since the morning of the 24th June 2016.  This is Propaganda at its worst and the destabilising forces at work, which had been ready to go into full throttle […]

America’s bipolar condition exposed!

Bernie & Donald

This election campaign for 2016 has highlighted and brought to surface the underlying fears, prejudices, hatred, compassion, aspirations and dreams of a whole population and exposed the major chasm between the several sections of the American population.   Like anywhere else in the world, it appears that we are ever so divided to farther extremes […]