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Photo finish? Nothing like it!

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I was proven right again.  It is so bizarre that I have not got around to writing another blog until another big cricketing day today.

The day started off as the series deciding, all-gripping ODI between India & England.  India already having (just) won the Test series, this was being dubbed as what would be an icing on the cake, if India were to win it.  India had managed to come back from 3-1 down to 3-3, level pegged with England in the ODI series.  Having managed to follow all the games in this series, I was not convinced that India could do it.  It was only in the 6th ODI that they showed some desire to win.  There were some wonderful batting performances by the individuals and the fielding beginning to look better than the local village team.

How come that the England bowlers were able to contain the runs during India’s innings, despite all the big names currently playing for the squad.  Dhoni was the only one able to offer any resitance!  tendulkar was unlucky to have been given out, when he clearly was NOT.  Will Umpire Dar be given teh same treatmet which followed a recent football game involving Chelsea where the referee was taken off his duties?  I hope that ICC take necessary action.  After all, this is not the first time this happened during this series; and more than once to Tendulkar.  Indian fielding was back to its shoddy levels.  Despite knowing that they were playing with a moderate total, why could they not apply themselves a bit more to the task of the day make the game a bit more interesting.  England seem to cruise through and I am surprised it took them 36 overs to reach the total.  Indians had given up long before and they were not even trying.  The fielding seem to deterirorate.  I was alluding to this missing ‘desire to kill’ in my last post.  England were definitely the better side in all aspects of the game and achieved a well-deserved win.  Congratulation to them!

My conclusion that it is down to our communal psyche of those who have grown up in India.  We grow up as obedient, respecting and non-agressive people because of the culture and religions in India.  Why is there such a small minority of entrepreneurs in the massive population of India.  This is because to be that, you need to be ruthless and ‘hungry’ and sometimes slightly less caring.  We do not grow up with those traits as the norm.  This is why Indians have not been able to compete with the West in the world of Sport.  Despite being close to the finishing line, some of us give up and let the competition go through.  Apart from when it comes to commerce, obviously, because, we are caring towards our families as well and we have to amass a lot of wealth for them (and ourself).

The Indian Cricket Team!

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‘Team India’ – what a joke!

They lost three wickets in their chase of an imminent victory at Trent Bridge on the 31st July 2007.  The top batsmen in the world (that is how they are rated) struggled for what seemed like hours to make a mere 63 runs on Day 5 of this match.  The young ‘inexperienced’ English bowlers deserve all the credit for keeping these ’stars’ under check.  Isn’t it time that the Cricket Authorities in India realise that the players brought in to represent the country need to have some ‘fire’ in them and the killer instinct to go out and achieve, rather than wait for things to be handed over to them!  Sreesnath, Dhoni & Yuvraj Singh are the only ones who get close to that team, we really need! Although India won the game, they were so uninspiring and pitiful to watch.  Feel very sorry for the England players; bad luck in both the test games in this series so far.

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